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Adyashanti, the author of “The Impact of Awakening” and “My Secret is Silence,” is a man who lives an ordinary life while demonstrating an extraordinary gift for transmitting a simple truth: Liberation is the birthright of all. Awakening to his true nature after many years of Zen practice, he spent several more years deepening and embodying this realization and, with the encouragement of his teacher, began teaching in 1996. His teachings have been the source of inspiration and awakening for thousands of students from many diverse traditions.

Adyashanti is an American spiritual teacher from the San Francisco Bay Area who gives regular satsangs in the United States and also teaches abroad. He is the author of several books, CDs and DVDs and is the founder of Open Gate Sangha, Inc. a nonprofit organization that supports, and makes available, his teachings. Wikipedia

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A quiet mind married to integrity of heart is the birth of wisdom. — Adyashanti

As soon as we think we know what’s going to happen, life shows us that we don’t. — Adyashanti

Be a true representative of the goodness in your heart, and don’t expect it to be easy or even noticed. — Adyashanti

Beingness, nothingness, and form is just one long continuum, now appearing as body, mind, and the world. — Adyashanti

Belief is what the mind does to fill up emptiness, to give it something to look at, to play with, to hide behind. — Adyashanti

If the mind or the heart is divided the Way is lost while in plain view. — Adyashanti

If we fall in love deeply enough, we fall through our sense of two, into the One. — Adyashanti

It’s not that everything will always be good; it’s that it’s always been good, even if you weren’t aware of it. — Adyashanti

Knowingness of Truth arises from a silent mind, a mind which is not evaluating and struggling to know. — Adyashanti

Me is only a thought. You are before this me thought. — Adyashanti

No longer fascinated with your internal and external conflicts, you start to see what you really are. — Adyashanti

Only the ego makes its own demise seem dramatic. — Adyashanti

Real meditation means don’t go to thought. It may be there, it may not — just don’t go there. It’s not who you are. — Adyashanti

Take the armor off, so the arrow of the Truth can penetrate you. — Adyashanti

The more you awaken, the more you feel, ‘I might not want to repeat the past, but I wouldn’t have one second of it any other way.’ — Adyashanti

The only permanency is in the ever-presence of the dancing flames of awareness. — Adyashanti

The substance of every experience — that’s nirvana. But the ego says ‘No! It can’t be. Anything but this!’ — Adyashanti

This teaching is not so much a raft to carry you to enlightenment as it is a fire to ignite the raft you are now holding on to. — Adyashanti

Truth has no finality to it. It is not something to be held on to. Truth is discovered minute to minute or not at all. — Adyashanti

We realize what has always been: this beingness, what is behind every face — no face. — Adyashanti

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